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Company Profile


Guangdong Shipyard International Elevator Co. Ltd is a listed company in the ship and marine defense equipment Limited by Share Ltd [Hongkong: 0317, Shanghai: 600685] under the flag of Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd. a subsidiary of [GSI]. The middle of the 1960s began production of marine special elevator, crane, with mature experience in elevator manufacturing, installation, and collection of the latest international technology, give full play to the advantages of various group in machining, steel structure, metal processing technology and began the production of civilian lift. On 1997 formally established the Guangdong Shipyard International Elevator Co. Ltd, production of GSI brand products, passenger lift, goods elevator, sightseeing elevator, escalator and elevator, medical etc.. Relying on with abundant capital and advanced technology, with the help of modern management and the world of information network, the formation of an independent high-quality modern operation and management system.


The use of advanced computer technology, improve the automatic detection system, the implementation of microcomputer remote monitoring, timely and accurate fault detection, to provide safe and reliable operation of protection. The company provides customer service service for users, the implementation of the elevator production, sales, installation and maintenance of integrated services, including maintenance, transportation, installation, commissioning, testing and regular, and dispatched personnel, special team tracking to sell the product, to ensure customer service service continuity, high efficiency and high quality, can provide the perfect service for the customer.


Due to the quality of the product is stable, not only in the country's growing popularity, more widely exported to countries around the world, including Israel,Australia, Thailand and other countries.

Hold the elevator products development trend: the frequency conversion technology, computer control, man-machine interface, computer network control; the reliability and efficiency of the 32 automatic computer control system, and the traditional frequency control of single and double speed comparison, is a qualitative leap. In today's information age, can understand the running status of the elevator has been scattered around in a timely manner through the network technology, the elevator monitoring will have problems promptly notify emergency personnel to the scene, so that customers can be more comfortable and safe use of elevator. The product completely according to EN115&EN81 European standard and the national standard of GB7588 design and production, pay more attention to meet the psychological needs of customers, to provide all kinds of soft decoration and lighting design, and create a unique cultural atmosphere for all types of building construction.

"Profit from consumption, quality from technology, the market from the service" concept, will be the highest quality elevator products and after-sales service, the most preferential price and customer co - operation to create quality projects.



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Service Hotline:

Guangdong Shipyard International Elevator Co. Ltd

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