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Observe whether there are bubbles in the compressor lubricating oil of the bending machine, if there is, it is caused by the gas entering the system; if not, go to...


The proportion electromagnetic coil that cooperates with the dominant stage has a very small stroke arrangement during work, and should be limited to the reasonable stroke of the proportion electromagnetic induction insert...


The bending machine is suitable for the circular forming of plates. The fitness movement deviation of the axis can be dissolved into three basic ways: most of them are pure axial vibration...

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Guangdong Shipyard International Elevator Co. Ltd is a listed company in the ship and marine defense equipment Limited by Share Ltd [Hongkong: 0317, Shanghai: 600685] under the flag of Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd. a subsidiary of [GSI]. The middle of the 1960s began production of marine special elevator, crane, with mature experience in elevator manufacturing, installation, and collection of the latest international technology, give full play to the advantages of various group in machining, steel structure, metal processing technology and began the production of civilian lift. On 1997 formally established the Guangdong Shipyard International Elevator Co. Ltd, production of GSI brand products, passenger lift, goods elevator, sightseeing elevator, escalator and elevator, medical etc.. 

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